About Us

JoJo Tea was founded in 2011 by a frustrated wanna-be yogi. Michael Ortiz's interest in meditation led him to a small Buddhist temple in Coconut Grove, where he thought he was learning a lot about meditation.

But he was actually being slowly submerged in a river of tea. After tasting pure tea, from Taiwan and China, Michael was blown away at the flavors, the effects, and the history of this mysterious beverage. 

Grounded in the belief that every sip of tea is a moment of peace, Michael really wants to have tea with you.

Don't know where to start?

History and tradition of tea drinking. Learn about tea leafs and how to prepare your perfect cup of tea.

Contact Information

Address:  620 NE 76th St, Miami, FL, 33138, USA

Email:  mike@sipjojo.com

Phone: +1 305 322 9521

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