Nishio region, Aichi prefecture, Honshu

Matcha is made from a green tea varietal called tencha. It is gradually shaded for one month before harvest. This forces the bush to boost its chlorophyll production and produces a bright green color with an herbaceous sweetness. This ancient method has been refined for centuries by Zen Buddhist practitioners to become the Japanese tea ceremony.

Color: bright light green/yellow
Aroma: fresh cut grass, seaweed salad
Flavor: buttered spinach, seaweed salad, milk, vanilla
Mouthfeel: foamy cream

Pick: machine shade-harvests
Shaping: granite-ground
Oxidation: 0%
Cook: gently steamed after harvest

Brew: two bamboo scoops (about half a teaspoon) in a bowl. 2 oz water (175* F). Whisk vigorously with bamboo whisk until rich froth develops and very little liquid is left.

$36.00 ... 30g (15 servings)