Jasmine Pearls


Fujian, China

One of the most popular varieties of tea. Bud and first two young and tender leaves are withered and bruised before an initial drying that actually allows a bit of oxidation. Tea is then repeatedly blended with fresh harvests of Jasmine in piles that naturally stay over 105*F. After several rounds of scenting, tea is hand-rolled into these famous pearl.

Color: Golden Amber that almost approaches copper

Aroma: floral, light, clean, heady

Flavor: honey, butter, soft Jasmine, fresh cut grass

Mouthfeel: crisp, smooth, mellow

Pick: one bud and two young leaves

Shaping: each pearl contains two bud sets rolled together

Oxidation: roughly 10% before scenting

Cook: dried with fans

Brew: three minutes in water just below boiling (175° F). Subsequent steeps will lose Jasmine aroma but will develop sweet green and white tea flavor.