Duck Shit Phoenix Oolong Tea (60 g)


A vibrant tea with so much flavor, it consistently impresses the JoJo TEAm and all of our clients as well. This tea is fully organic, fully handmade, from small family farms.


Wu Dong Village

Guangdong, China

This particular batch is the 2019 winter harvest, and it can only be described as a tea that sings. It shouts its flavors and fragrances forward in an undeniable presence. Find the flavors and aromas of toasted coconut, of marzipan, and of carnations. Of course, the name of this particular tea is quite noteworthy. It’s named Duck Shit because of the farmer that developed this strand of the teabush, and its processing methods. He saw that the leaves of this particular bush had leaves that were much darker, thicker, than the neighboring bushes. This farmer didn’t want his bushes stolen, so he spread a rumor that he had only ever fertilized this bush with duck shit.

His friends and neighbors were disgusted! They suddenly had no interest in these bushes at all, imagining a pungent aroma that would stink up the cup at the end of the day. The farmer spent years developing this tea on his own. By the time it was ready to be tasted and shared, the farmer had developed such delicious processing that the result was something truly special, truly new.

We love this tea’s resonant, ringing brightness of flavor. The winter harvest tends to have louder flavors with a slightly quieter finish. Spring harvests tend to have a longer finish and a deeper mouthfeel, with a slightly more understated flavor profile.

Additional information

Weight 75 g

Marzipan, Carnation, Coconut




First two leaves






Light charcoal roast

Water Temperature

~208° F

Origin Country


Origin Region

Guangdong Province

Origin Point

Phoenix Mountain; Wu Dong Village


60 g


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