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Cafe Matcha Green Tea

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Our Everyday Cafe Matcha is meant to guarantee your most delicious and consistent at-home matcha latte. Coming from Nishio, in the Aichi Prefecture, this blend of matcha has been steadily pleasing JoJo’s favorite coffee shops for years!

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JoJo Tea offers a few different grades of matcha. If you make yourself a matcha latte at home everyday, you might like this tea. If you want consistent flavor from your matcha latte from year to year, buy this matcha.

Let’s start with a general description of matcha:

Matcha is the closest thing we have to the most ancient style of tea drinking. In ancient China, tea makers plucked fresh tea and steamed the pluckings. After that, they would press the steamed tea into cakes that were easily transported.

When they were finally ready to drink tea, they’d scrape the tea cakes. Then, they would grind the scraped tea into a fine powder. They’d whisk that powder into a small amount of hot water. The ancient Chinese called this style of tea 白茶 (bái chá, which translates literally to “white tea”).

This style of tea made its way into Japan along with some traveling monks. They brought the tea drinking practice back into Japan in the 700’s. As decades and centuries passed, Japan started growing their own tea bushes. Since then, Japanese tea makers have further developed this style of steamed green tea.

Meanwhile, by 1000 AD, Chinese tea makers had begun to experiment with pan-firing in stead of steaming, which made it easier to enjoy loose leaf tea. China’s tea drinking culture shifted away from steamed tea, drank as a powder, and toward brewing whole leaves in water.

The Japanese, meanwhile, refined the ancient tea drinking practice into their famous tea ceremony. More a formal meditation ritual than a practice in enjoying tea, this ceremony had a small, passionate following amongst monks, samurai, geishas, and other upper crust elements of Japanese society. Matcha remained as such for a long time, until the 1990’s and early 2000’s, when everyone from Kit Kat to Starbucks had a matcha product that made sugary lattes and white chocolate pass for health conscious treat-yo-self-superfoods. For more info on flavored matcha, I’d direct you to this article called “F**k Flavored Matcha” on Steep Stories by our friend Lazy Literatus.

Whether you choose to drink your matcha with some water, some whole milk, or macadamia milk topped with a float of oat milk foam, if you’re looking for a clean, dependable matcha that will taste the same from year to year, Cafe Matcha is for you.

If you’re primary concern is organic farming and supporting small farms, please check out our Organic Matcha from Hatori Farms. If, on the other hand, you’re looking to zen out in your special moment with top quality matcha to whisk into a sip of water and contemplate the creation thought and the fundamental is-ness of mind, make sure to check out our highest grade, ceremonial matcha.

Weight 2.12 g
Dimensions 1 × 4 × 4 in

Opaque, bright green


Milk, Seaweed, Butter, Spinach, Vanilla


Rich, Velvety


Bud and First Two Leaves, Machine Harvest


Stone-Ground, Powder




Steamed, Pan-fired, and then Ground

Brew Instructions

~ 160°F

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