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Jasmine Pearls Green Tea Subscription

From: $13.75 / month

Since day one at JoJo Tea, Jasmine Pearls have been among our best sellers. These teas were hand-tied into small pearls that unfurl when steeped. After hand-rolling, these teas were blended repeatedly with fresh, midnight-harvest jasmine. Beautiful in the cup, this tea offers soft, sweet floral notes that are easy to enjoy.


So many of you order our Green Jasmine Pearls so regularly! We figured we’d officially offer a Green Jasmine Pearl Subscription!

Without Miami’s restaurants, there would be no JoJo Tea. Since 2011, if anything has become clear, it’s that people in Miami love jasmine! Over the years, we’ve had plenty of time to think about why.

It’s usually quite hot in Miami. And green tea, overall, tends to have a cooling effect. The soft, dry tannin in the leaf doesn’t allow for a very heavy mouthfeel. Instead, it creates a refreshing sip with a dry finish. This dry finish makes us feel lighter and refreshed.

All tea leaves have tannins. Of course, if the tea leaves have too many tannins, the cup can be quite bitter. In order to make sure we’re not overwhelmed with bitter tannins, we use bushes from the 大白茶 (dà bái chá; literally “big white tea”) cultivar that we use for our white teas: Silver Needle and Bai Mu Dan. This cultivar has bigger buds and thinner leaves than most other cultivars, and yields very little bitterness.

If you’d like to compare what another cultivar would taste like if it were jasmine-scented in the same traditional style, check out our Jasmine Cloud, from Meng Ding Mountain, Sichuan Province.

If you’re not sure that you go through enough tea to justify the Green Jasmine Pearls Subscription, you can easily make a one-time purchase, either loose or in sachets.

Lastly, green tea’s caffeine is a little tricky. There is so little processing of green tea that the chemistry in the leaf actually undergoes very little change. All of the molecules and tannins are still very present, and they hold the caffeine molecule within them. In fact, it takes about two hours before our stomach acids break up the molecules in the tea (those same bitter tannins!) that contain its caffeine.

Because of the time release in green teas’ caffeine, we like to recommend it as an ideal tea while the sun is still out. If you need energy now, but you know you’ll also need energy later, drink lots of green tea. It will leave you feeling hydrated and refreshed, and will release small amounts of stimulating caffeine and relaxing L-Theanine as you go about your day.

Our whole mission as a company is to help you develop your Moment of Peace. This would be a great way to make sure you never miss a day!


Weight 75 g

Dark Gold


Honey, Honeydew Melon, Jasmine


Soft & Silky


Bud and First Two Leaves


Hand-rolled Pearls




Pan-fired, and then Scented

Brew Instructions

175-185°F Western: 2.5g / 8 oz, 3 min


60 g

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