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Lapsang Souchong Black Tea

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This legendary black tea is considered the oldest black tea in the world. Leaves are rolled and bruised, allowed to oxidize, and then smoked. The resulting flavor is rich and malty, with the tang of Chinese red tea, and with a nice layer of smoke underneath it all.

Black tea from the legendary Wuyi Mountain that is famously dried over pinewood smoke, lending it a deep “campfire” flavor along with the thick, rich, malty, characteristics that define a black tea.  These flavors emerge from caramelized sugars released from the veins of the tea leaf during a black tea’s definitive rolling, bruising and extensive oxidation phase.

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Legend has it that Lapsang Souchong was developed in a town called Tongmu, where a wooden tea factory was abandoned in the middle of processing due to an invading army. The forgotten leaves got darker and darker, until they were a rich red/brown. And then, the factory was burnt down, and the heat and smoke cooked the tea leaves.

Weight 80 g

Clear Red / Golden Brown


Big Smoke, Underlying Malt, Smoked Pine, Cranberry, Raspberry


Crisp and Refreshing with Thick Sweetness


The 4th and 5th leaves lower down on the stem.


Orthodox; Lightly Twisted




Smoked over pinewood.

Brew Instructions

~ 208°F

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