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The JoJo Club Tea Subscription

$78.00 on the 20th day of every 3rd month

Join to enjoy the season’s best. As we trace the passing of the seasons, and of the years, we will dive deep into the world’s most legendary teas.

You will also receive a write-up each season, sharing general notes about the season’s teas and specific notes about each tea in the box.

Thank you for inviting us along your journey into the patient, delicious wisdom of Tea.

First payment: June 20, 2023

The JoJo Club Tea Subscription is really the highlight of JoJo Tea overall. Join The JoJo Club Tea Subscription and you’ll receive quarterly samplers of each season’s best teas.

Tea is such a huge world. One can easily spend the rest of their lives studying just one type within one category of tea. For example, beyond white tea, we could spend our whole life studying one particular white tea. We could base our studies on tradition and go to Fuding County, where white tea was invented. There, we could focus on the highest grade of white tea from Fuding, the famous 白毫银针 (bái háo yín zhēn, or white tip silver needle).

We might study the farming of the bush, or the ins and outs of processing. We could also study the packaging and logistics of shipping. If tea is not packaged carefully, the delicate leaves can take a real beating during shipping, after all. Every time a tea leaf breaks, an angel dies, or something.

Finally, at the teahouse or in our living room, we could study the water, tea ware, and brewing process. In other words, we can study the hospitality, generosity, and alchemy that complete the tea master.

Of course, if I wanted to go beyond tradition, there are several tea growing regions from Viet Nam through Yunnan to India and even Colombia that are developing their own answers to white tea. As the tea tradition continues evolving in its relationship with humanity, new regions pop up. They enthusiastically experiment and develop their teas until, if they are lucky, the teas find an equally enthusiastic audience.

For more information on what differentiates tea as a “living tradition,” check out this article from our friends at Global Tea Hut. This group has been sharing tea knowledge for years through their magazine. They’ve just made their entire archive available for free. It’s an amazing resource for curious tea lovers.

At any rate, there’s considerable complexity, both in depth and in width, in every category of tea. So, we’ve created the JoJo Club Tea Subscription as a way to take some of the guesswork out! Each package is curated by our founder & CEO, Michael “The JoJo” Ortiz. Mike also won the first ever American Tea Masters Cup in 2019. So, as humbly as we can possible say this, you’re in good hands!

Each season, Mike gathers his knowledge and his international connections in the tea industry. Then, he curates a selection of the teas that really stand our. They are the teas he would choose to drink in the upcoming season. For example, summer packages tend to focus on fresh harvests of green and white teas. These teas are easy to drink and refreshing. Further, their caffeine is released more slowly, over time.

Meanwhile, the shorter days of winter really benefit from thicker teas, like oolongs and aged puerh’s. Their depth and complexity can taste like the warmth of a fuzzy blanket.

Each package usually include five teas. The package is a mix of top-shelf, tea-house grade teas, and some more economic everyday teas. Our goal is not only for you to have tea for your daily moment of peace. But also for you to have plenty of top shelf teas for your most special moments as well.

Each shipment will also include an info sheet with the following information: background information on the culture behind each tea’s cultivation and processing; some of the science behind their flavor profiles; detailed brewing instructions; the backstory on our personal connection with the tea; and stories and contemplations from the JoJo Team.

The JoJo Club ships quarterly, with shipments during the first week of January, April, July, and October.

Weight 75 g

3 months

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