The JoJo Club Tea Subscription

$78.00 on the 20th day of every 3rd month

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Join to enjoy the season’s best. As we trace the passing of the seasons, and of the years, we will dive deep into the world’s most legendary teas. Each season, you will receive a pack of five teas of truly exceptional quality, including at least two top-shelf teas that would shine as stars on any menu in the world.

You will also receive a write-up each season, sharing general notes about the season’s teas and specific notes about each tea in the box.

Please, allow us to share our passion, and join us on our journey into the patient, delicious wisdom of Tea.

First payment: August 20, 2020


Join The JoJo Club and you’ll receive quarterly samplers of each season’s freshest teas, including two teahouse-quality teas, three single-origin teas.

Each shipment will also include an info sheet with background information on the culture behind each tea’s cultivation, the science behind their flavor profiles, detailed brewing instructions, the backstory on our personal connection with the tea, and stories from the JoJo Team, along with each season’s teas with each quarterly shipment.

The JoJo Club ships quarterly, with shipments during the first week of January, April, July, and October.

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3 months

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