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Sheng Yunnan Pu-erh (Raw)


Yunnan, China

This raw, uncooked pu-erh tea was harvested in spring of 2014 by the Fan family of Kuahong Village in Kunlushan (Kunlu Mountain). This region’s twenty-year-old wild tea trees grow leaves that when aged produce complex and mildly sweet flavors paired with a long-lasting, satisfying aftertaste.

Color: golden Amber

Aroma: honey, wet grass, mild cheddar cheese

Flavor: Mild honey sweetness, sharp, leathery tang, dry grass

Mouthfeel: velvet up front with slightly dry finish

Pick: standard, one bud, two leaves

Shaping: minimal vertical rolling

Oxidation: 0%

Cook: steamed right after harvest

Brew: Temperamental leaves that produce batches that require experimentation with brew times. First, pour boiling water over the leaves and immediately drain to open the subtle bouquet of aromas. Then steep leaves in freshly boiled water for one minute.