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Virgin Voyages + JoJo Tea: carefully curated

We’re showcasing the deep and rich Morning After Breakfast blend, crafted for Virgin Voyages, and Everspring Oolong, a master-crafted classic Taiwanese Oolong.

Morning After Breakfast Tea

The Morning After

Assam, India; Ilam, Nepal; Ratnapura, Sri Lanka

Think of Morning After as English Breakfast tea 2.0. It was developed in partnership with Virgin Voyages and will be featured on their 2020 maiden voyage and beyond. The blend includes black tea from Heritage Cooperative in Dibrughar, Assam, India; Hariyali Cooperative in Jasbirey, Ilam, Nepal; and Beverly Estate in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka.

It offers a familiar rich sweetness with notes of sweet potato, tamarind, and guava, but with depth and structure to make it last. Try it with milk and some sugar for the full experience. Cheers!

Everspring Taiwan Oolong Tea
Virgin Voyages Everspring Oolong

Everspring Oolong

Yilan, Taipei & Nantou, Taiwan

Featuring flavor notes of Gardenia, Butter, Apricot, Meadow Grass, it offers a sublime sipping experience.

This tea comes from the Ai Family’s fourth, fifth, and sixth generation of tea makers. They used leaves from bushes of the Si Ji Chun cultivar, which can be harvested four times per year, while most cultivars can only be harvested once or twice. Si Ji Chun means “Four Seasons Spring.” This tea serves as a great opportunity to taste an organic tea made by a real master for a very affordable price.