• Nannuo Raw 2021
  • Nannuo Raw 2021

Nannuo Raw 2021

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Origin: Nannuo, Xishuangbanna, China

When raw puerh tea is plucked, it is pan-fired. Next, it's rolled, and then sun-dried. At this point, the tea is called "mao cha" which means something like "unfinished tea" or "raw tea."

The size of these leaves and buds speak for themselves. Their length, and the twists of their wild geometry are beautiful in and of themselves. But the patience of this tea is what makes us believe our vendors when they say that these teas come from a blend of 250 - 400 year old trees. They know the age of the trees based on the local records of the village. 

Brew after brew, this tea gives and gives and gives. It's very complete, in that it's lighlty sweet with notes of dried apricot. But it also has a ricey, starchy body with a touch of artichoke funk. We're excited to see how it changes as it ages. So, we only have a limited supply up for sale. But keep an eye out for this mao cha to pop up again some time around 2026 to 2028.

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  • ~208°F