• The JOJO Club Subscription

The JOJO Club Subscription

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Get a box of our best delivered to your front door, every season. And be the first to taste our new teas before they hit the catalog! Each season, you'll receive a box of five to six teas. All of our Premium and Luxury teas are first introduced to the JoJo Club, before they become a part of our visible catalog / website.

As seasons change, different teas are harvested and produced. As days become longer warmer, we tend to shift toward the more refreshing expressions of unoxidized teas (green, white, and yellow), and lightly oxidized oolongs. 

On the other side of the year, as the days become shorter and cooler, we shift toward aged teas, darker oolongs and red teas, and dark, fermented teas.

In your box, you'll find JoJo classics like Jade Mountain and Oriental Beauty, but you'll also regularly receive luxury level teas that will never go onto the JoJo menu. This exclusive box is a way to taste what we're sipping on in the tearoom each season. 

Each box includes a detailed write-up on each tea, and why they were included in this season's collection.

$78.00 on the 20th day of every 3rd month