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Papa Chang's Blend was developed in partnership with Itamae, in the hopes of finding an iced tea worthy of the best Japanese / Peruvian Nikkei cuisine we've ever tried. Its base is roasted Japanese green tea (Hojicha). We added some genmaicha for a touch of its baked brown rice, and jasmine cloud for the light floral finish. It also includes rose petals and a bit of ginger to play off the jasmine's flora notes, and rooibos to play off the malty depth of hojicha. The kind of iced tea you'd want to sip on if you were having a sushi roll covered in ceviche and spicy coconut milk.


Hojicha: Toasted Japanese green tea
Genmaicha: Japanese green tea with toasted brown rice
Jasmine cloud: Chinese green tea repeatedly infused (three times) with fresh jasmine flowers

Rose Petals

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  • ~208°F